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Body Language

There are two things that can make or break you when it comes to achieving greatness: your body language and your confidence. July 15, 2018 1 min read This story originally appeared on Lewis Howes There are two things that can make or break you when it comes to achieving greatness: your body language and your confidence. If you don’t have confidence, you’ll never be able to put yourself out there in the world. You need the confidence to try, and… —>Read More

I Grew My Startup From Kitchen…

Follow these five strategies to scale your company. June 28, 2018 4 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In 2017, only 38 percent of small businesses reported revenue growth, according on Statista. And that’s the strongest growth rate seen all decade. Most small companies stay small because growing a business is hard. Related: 9 Steps to Increase the Value of Your Business I’ve spent the past 13 years growing my business. But, it’s not impossible. My company… —>Read More

Prepare for a Cyber Attack

3 Ways You Can Prepare Your Business for a Cyber Attack Cyber attacks are unfortunately all-too-common in today’s business world. If your organization isn’t prepared for an attack, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to successfully ward one off. And let there be no confusion – they’re coming.   Cyber Attacks: A Problem That Won’t Go Away It’s easy to pretend as if your business is immune from what’s happening “out there,” but your company’s size has very little… —>Read More

10 Secrets to Starting Your Own Small Business

Entrepreneur and creator of Business Boutique Christy Wright shares her tips. Christy Wright is the creator of Business Boutique — a business that equips women to make money doing what they love. Last year, she wrote the best-selling book Business Boutique to give women a step-by-step guide on how to start, run and grow their businesses to the level they want. “As a certified business coach and a Ramsey Personality, I travel the country helping women pursue their passions by helping them move past fear, let go of mom… —>Read More

Must-Have Website Elements

Must-Have Website Elements for Professional Services written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing As a professional services provider, your website should be your most valuable marketing asset and the hub of all of your marketing efforts. Your website shouldn’t just be a pretty design that people can look at. It needs to act as an actual tool for your business and work as a lead generating machine. Your website has many jobs these days and should help… —>Read More

Beat Summer Slowdown

Entrepreneurs don’t have time to wait for fall. With Memorial Day in the rearview mirror and the kids out of school, the summer slowdown is officially here! That’s right, over the next couple of months people are running around, out of the office and giving you every reason why they need to “wait until after the summer” to start working together. But, there are some ways to keep that client acquisition train rolling…even during the summer. Re-engage past clients This is… —>Read More