Make the whole world your local market


Ensemble of Internet and Social Media Marketing Tools

Site Design

Web sites used to be Internet business cards, color brochures at best. Not anymore. Today’s web sites need to be lead capturing machines and e-comm online stores.


Online sales skyrocketed in recent years. With todays web design tools and technology, any web site can be equipped to sell something. E-commerce became simple.

Search Engines

Search engines are medium that help you to be found on the Internet. Optimization of your web site is critical to make your web site found most effectively. Free traffic.

Pay per Click

Pay per Click is the most effective and fastest way to advertise your business on the Internet. You pay for traffic directed to your web site. Can be quite expensive? Maybe not.

And, There's Video Marketing :: And If Picture is Worth Thousands of Words, :: Than Video Snippet Could be worth ... Wow!

Methods and Tools for Small and Very Small Business
Marketing is Lifeblood of Any Size Business

Print, radio and TV are more established methods. Powerful and often expensive. Limited control and short shelf-life presence.

Brochures, catalogues, direct mail marketing provide targeting and demographics. Also expensive and short lived.

Network marketing, cold calling, require personal engagement. Time consuming. Numbers game.

Social Media platforms and e-mail, provide lasting presence, free to set-up. Interactive and instant communication.

  • Requires Agency

  • Marketing Department

  • Personal

  • Knowledge

Social Media Marketing

Build continues Internet presence and Global reach


Facebook is social media networking site
What’s important is that you can create business page, show-off your business, regularly update with news, and place ads to attract traffic to your point of sale. Work just fine.


Twitter is news and social networking site
Twitter for business offers wide areas of opportunities to showcase your business, build list of followers and place ads to attract traffic. Works just fine.


LinkedIn is social network for professionals
LinkedIn offers opportunities for hiring best talents, marketing your business,, selling services and learning everything about that. Very suitable for B2B. Also advertising. Works just fine.


YouTube is video sharing website
Easily create your channel, publish videos about your business, video presentations of your offers and build followers. Easy rank on search engines. Of course advertise. Works just fine.

And, There's books :: Libraries of Useful Information :: Case Studies and Practical Advice