Google Updates Site Owners Should Know

Every year, several times within a year, and even on a daily basis, Google rolls out updates and changes to its search algorithm, sometimes as many as 600 or more changes. While most of these adjustments are minor and have very little influence on search engine results, others cause a big shake-up, subsequently affecting individual website SEO performance significantly – and as a result, revenue. To stay ahead of the Read more about Google Updates Site Owners Should Know[…]

How Financing Can Benefit a Growing Business

Is your business humming along? You might think you don’t need to take on debt and just let the good times roll.  However, times can change quickly and whether you are growth-oriented or maintaining a steady, consistent business, healthy working capital is vital to continued success. Even better times may be ahead if you secure low-cost, long term financing. Like all things in business, it’s all about the economics. The Read more about How Financing Can Benefit a Growing Business[…]

Mom Hits 7 Figures with Social Media

Kelsey Humphreys chats with Lindsay Moreno about her advice for other franchisees or MLM business owners.   Lindsay Teague Moreno is an author, pod-caster and business owner whose business has been known to bring in seven-figure months. In just two short years, she built a seven-figure personal income selling Young Living Essential Oils, using only social media. She did it with three little girls at home, learning by example from Read more about Mom Hits 7 Figures with Social Media[…]

Created a Website, Now What?

Even if your content is amazing, and your offers are competitive, you still have to promote your brand. Here are eight ways how. It’s almost 2018, and all the years, so far we’ve enjoyed web-based technology have produced an abundance of website builders available to help any of us, from aspiring entrepreneurs to passionate bloggers and their website. Even if you yourself don’t know anything about web development, spending just Read more about Created a Website, Now What?[…]

Ways to Beat Competition

There are many ways a scrappy startup can outshine other businesses. Image credit: Image Source | Getty Images You need to be aware of your competition, because they’re trying to take your market share, but the key to domination is to focus on your business and the things that differentiate you from them. Most businesses struggle and fail because they try to copy their competition. Yet they do a poor Read more about Ways to Beat Competition[…]

Optimize Google Business Profile

Claiming and Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile written by John Jantsch I want to talk to you today about Google My Business. It is a crucial online, digital tool service from Google that is available to local businesses, true brick and mortar businesses, or service area businesses. You have to have a business in a location to claim a profile for that location, but when you do, it does Read more about Optimize Google Business Profile[…]